This is me

My name is John, I’m a professional full stack developer base in Phillipines, I used different kind of softwares to build an applications and interested in new technology every now and then.

Currently I used PHP as my base programming language for web applications and I followed good practices, I used also different kinds of PHP frameworks such Symfony, Laravel, Silex, CodeIgniter and more.

I also developed desktop and mobile applications whethere its small or large scale applications.

I also used different kinds of Databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Postgress).

And for client side I used Native JavaScript and other JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, AngularJS etc..

For front-end web framework usually I used Bootstraps and some cases Materialize CSS

I’m involved in development since last 8 years, during my journey I have learned lot of skills. I have strong background and understanding of OOP and MVC Framework, which make my skills more concrete.

I used also WordPress content management system before to develop a website, to create a responsive templates base on the design given is also part of my skills but not that much as I’m focus on functionalities of the applications most of the time.

Also working with some personal side Java projects.

I’m also capable and have the skills to manage web servers, I usually used Ubuntu or CentOs for my web servers.