Services / Freelance

Web Development

Looking someone that builds custom website? I might be the guy you are looking for.

I’ve been building custom websites for a number of years now. I’ve build all kind tpyes of system from backend to frontend.

I also create blogs for you, from scratch or using CMS Like wordpress etc.

Have an idea but not sure what you exactly need? Just let me know.

Desktop Development

Or are you looking a guy who build custom desktop application for your business?


  • Inventory System
  • Point of Sales
  • Payrol System
  • Custom System
  • Etc..

Lets Talk!

Mobile App / API

Or you wanted to create a mobile applications or even api’s for your current system or business ?

Maybe I can help you


Looking someone to talk about new tech or best practices.

I’m willing to listen and learn new tech also share some of my knowledege and thoughts.